Document Management: Automation and Security 

The path to managing important documents in a way that's automated, secure, and easily accessible.
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Why Higher Ed Institutions Need the Right Document Management Software

Document management is a deeply undervalued core function in the world of Higher Ed. If your team is spending way too much time organizing and managing documents, then it's time to look for a solution.

By having the right document management software in place, schools have the ability to create and manage inventories of electronic forms, manage checklists for program-required documents, and configure document workflows to capture e-signatures from multiple parties. 

Document management goes hand-in-hand with compliance, workflow automation, and creating powerful student experiences. Let's take a closer look at what document management tools can do for you.

Document Management Tools

Here’s why Higher Ed professionals love Verity’s document management tools:

Create and manage inventory of electronic forms
Configure document workflows to capture e-signatures
Keep your documents in a secure place
Manage checklists for program-required documents
Keep records compliant with university regulations
Contribute toward a paperless campus for your students

The Higher Ed Workbook for Automation, Profitability, and Improving the Student Experience eBook

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Document Management: A Key Ingredient for Creating a Paperless Campus

Creating a paperless campus at your institution is a powerful way to improve your student experiences, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

With a paperless campus, you'll be able to:

  • Build and manage the inventory of enrollment surveys and forms
  • Configure required documents and signature workflows
  • Monitor applicant progress, and approve or deny applications
  • Store and instantly access applicant and student documents
  • Follow easy steps to complete the application and enrollment online
  • E-sign documents with signer workflow configuration
  • Pay online application or enrollment deposits and fees
  • Check on application status, view, upload, and download documents

What Can Document Management Do for You?

Document management, creating a paperless campus, and improving the student experience are powerful ways to take your institution to the next level—but they're not always easy things to get right. 

If you want to learn more about how document management can streamline operations at your school, schedule a demo with our team of experts!