Meet Your Students in the Metaverse

Why virtual reality (VR) is a great platform for engaging with your prospects and promoting your school’s brand.

Metaverse and VR


VR: The Newest Channel for Delighting Your Students

While virtual reality is still a new frontier that technology has only begun to explore, we know that this will be a strongly preferred platform for the young generation. In fact, about 60% of young people confirm that they are likely to use VR when it becomes more widely available.

As an industry, Higher Ed has only started dipping its toes into the VR realm and most schools are still years away from prioritizing VR as an effective communication channel.

This presents a huge opportunity for your institution to meet your students where they are.

The schools with the most effective strategies for communicating with their students and prospects understand the need for multichannel communication. Everyone has their own preferences for communication channels, and prospective students are quick adopters of cutting-edge technology.

This includes video, live chat, SMS text, voice, email and yes—virtual reality.


An Inside Look at Verity’s
VR Presence

How should colleges and universities be looking at building a presence on the Metaverse? Here are Verity’s co-founders, Aaron and Cornelia Anderson, on how to bring VR into your communication strategy.


VR Should Be Part of a Larger Communication Strategy


Having a presence in the Metaverse is the next frontier for Higher Ed to communicate with their prospects, showcase their brand, receive and answer inquiries, and differentiate themselves from competitors. As the saying goes, it’s important to “meet your students where they are.”

However, VR is only one piece of the puzzle. A strong communication strategy leverages the power of VR along with all other channels, including email, video, chat, SMS text, and phone calls. That's why VR is the newest feature in Verity Dialog's communication toolbox.

Let's chat! Schedule a demo and our team of experts will help you build a plan to establish a presence in the Metaverse and show how your institution can connect with prospects and students with Verity Dialog.


Or, you can download our guide that includes 21 free, ready-to-use templates specifically designed for Higher Ed student engagement.

21 templates for student engagement