The Power of Workflow Automation in Higher Ed

Leveraging workflow automation is one of the best ways to eliminate repetitive tasks, streamline your operations, and impact the bottom line. Learn more about why Verity’s users are implementing workflow automation everywhere they can.



Features and Functions of Verity’s Workflow Automation Software

Verity’s platform was built by Higher Ed professionals for Higher Ed professionals.

What does that mean for you?

It means we’re deeply familiar with the challenges faced by professionals who work in admissions, enrollment management, class registration, financial aid, and alumni relations—just to name a few.

That’s why we built a CRM with workflow tools that allow you to automate some of the things you may currently be doing manually, such as sending emails, scheduling meetings, entering data, and updating contact records.

With Verity's software, you can cut back on repetitive tasks, reduce the chance for human error, and free up your time to focus on what matters most: delivering powerful student experiences.

Workflow Automation Tools

Here’s what Higher Ed professionals love to use Verity’s workflow automation tools for:

Sending emails and SMS texts
Triggering internal alerts
Updating prospect and student records
Triggering needed documents in workflows
Creating and assigning tasks
Bulk enrolling students in classes

The Power of One: A Higher Ed Roadmap to Effective Student Lifecycle Management

You can use workflow automation to create a proactive, meaningful student lifecycle management strategy from the first touch to application, to enrollment, to alumni—and everything in between.


Verity - The Power of One eBook Cover

How to Use Workflow Automation in Higher Ed

Do you find that your team is spending a lot of time working on the same tasks? Have you dealt with headaches and lost time caused by user error? Do you ever wish you could spend more time on projects that inspire, excite, and energize you—only, you can’t seem to ever clear your “to-do” list?

Workflow automation is an incredibly powerful tool, but it’s not being used to its full potential in the Higher Ed world. We put together a few use cases to help you visualize what workflow automation can do for you.

Student Recruiting
Verity Dialog

Building proactive workflows is a great way to introduce prospects to your school’s unique value propositions, help them decide whether your school is the right fit for them, and keep them in the loop of important dates, deadlines, and announcements.

Prospective Student Retention
Verity Dialog

Leave the repetitive work—like updating files, scheduling meetings, or sending emails—to automation and free up your time to work on increasing prospective student retention by delivering value, building relationships, and creating incredible student experiences.


SIS Software Automation
Verity Student

Our built-in SIS automation is designed to support the Marketing, Admissions, Enrollment, Registrars, Student Accounts, and other departments manage students. Automate touch points, track student engagement, and schedule meetings all on one platform.

See What Workflow Automation Can Do for You

If you’re not utilizing automation at your school, you’re missing some powerful opportunities to improve student engagement, increase profitability, and impact enrollment and retention.

We take a lot of pride in helping schools like yours reach new heights—and we’d love the opportunity to make you our next success story. Request a Demo and we’ll show you what workflow automation can do for your school.